PlayStation 4 External Hard Drive Support Is Limited To Just One HDD

Last week, it was revealed that in PlayStation 4 software update 4.50, Sony would finally allow the use of external HDD. As people get invited into the beta, more is being revealed about exactly how the functionality works.

We now know that you can only use one external hard drive with each PS4 system. It’s also been revealed that removing your HD from your PS4 will mean that you have to repair your hard drive.

The Xbox One supports multiple external hard drives and is quite seamless in allowing you to move apps between internal and external storage.

PlayStation Nation has detailed the process of setting an external HD up.

Essentially once you’ve formatted as a device as extended storage all applications will be stored on the external storage. All gallery captures will still install to the internal memory.

It’s unclear when software update 4.50 will release, but traditionally it’s only a few weeks between the software going in beta and it hitting public release.


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