PS4 exclusive Nioh appears to be sold out in most Australian stores. Upon calling metro JB Hi-FI and EB Games, most stores sold out of the game early yesterday morning. A quick search on their website shows that the game is only available in some suburban EB Games and JB Hi-Fi stores, with none of the city stores displaying stock.

The game was not being stocked by either Big W or Target which meant that it was always going to be harder to find.

A JB Hi-Fi representative has confirmed that more stock should be going out tomorrow to hopefully arrive in stores early next week at the latest.

The game was widely praised. We gave it a 9 in our review and it’s currently sitting at 87 on Metacritic.

  • Kennith Peters

    Bought mine on the PS Store… $84 Bucks.
    It has stock.
    Not sure what you guys are complaining about…

    • VatoLoco47

      Not everyone prefers digital..I was lucky enough to pre-order mine months ago because i liked the demos so much

  • VatoLoco47

    Lucky I had pre-ordered this months ago.Yea sadly Costco didn’t stock it either. Only 2 new games they have there atm is Resident Evil VII, HiTMAN and Gravity Rush Remastered

    • slap

      wtf is Costco. This is Australia, not America> We don’t buy games from stores that don’t exist, we buy them from games stores

  • Kris Butler

    Grabbed this last copy from OGS for a touch over $67 🙂 can’t wait