A New PS4 Is On Its Way To A NZ Cancer Ward After Their Original Was Stolen

Last week, thieves stole a PlayStation 4 from Wellington Hospital’s oncology ward. The original was bolted down, but thieves still managed to unscrew it and take it away.

Thankfully, the public has already raised enough to replace the PS4 twice over. The family of nine-year-old cancer patient Angus Little had hoped to raise enough money on his Facebook page. He was one of the kids that used the PS4 on a daily basis.

“We are extremely disappointed that someone would choose to steal something used to occupy and cheer up children who are undergoing treatment”. Hospital GM Chris Lowry told The Domino Post

Other forms of donations have also been organised. A ‘GiveALitte’ page had also been set up in which $1,154 NZ dollars have already been raised.

Thanks, TheDominion Post.