Rocket League Is Getting An Epic PS4 Pro Patch

Psyonix Games has revealed that Rocket League is finally getting a PS4 Pro Patch. The patch will allow gamers to play Rocket League on their PS4 Pro in 4K at 60 frames per second. This will be available in all single player and two-player split screen modes.

For gamers on a regular PS4, the game will now run at 1080p at 60FPS in all arenas.

This update will release on February 21st.

The update will also include the below:

  • Hot Wheels premium DLC cars, Twin Mill III and Bone Shaker (sold separately).
  • Additional free Hot Wheels-themed post-match item drops, including both Toppers and Antennas.
  • A new fan-voted “Player’s Choice” Crate filled with some of the community’s favorite items.
  • PS4-specific technical improvements.
  • Multiple performance optimizations and bug fixes.