This Might Be Our First Look at For Honor’s New Heroes

The first of the upcoming DLC heroes for For Honor have already been leaked. Prior to the game’s launch, Ubisoft promised fans that at least 6 new heroes would be added to For Honor after launch, two at a time. Though we have not yet received official details about the heroes from the developer, Reddit detectives seem to think that this proposed leak has some credibility.

Firstly, the Ninja and the Roman Centurion also appear as silhouettes in the artwork for the game’s Season Pass, implying that these heroes will be made available at some point. Additionally, despite the original post lacking mention of a source, the images appear consistent with the art style and user interface of For Honor and though we have seen people go to great lengths to fabricate “leaks” in the past, this one is at the very least plausible.


This information should not be assumed factual and like all alleged leaks and rumours should be taken with a grain of salt. This said, we can still enjoy the speculation and it will be interesting to see whether the Ninja and the Roman Centurion are indeed the first of the DLC heroes or not and to establish where they fit into the For Honor ecosystem, either within the existing factions or in a new one.

Thanks, VG247!

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