Potentially the largest PS4 Software Update 4.50 could be with us later today. It entered public beta on February 3rd which is over a month ago, so it makes sense that it’ll be releasing in the near future. Typically, software updates have spent roughly a month in beta before releasing to the public.

A support rep has mentioned that PlayStation Update 4.50 as well as PlayStation VR Update 2.40 would roll out sometime today.

The update will bring us external hard drive support, as well as the PlayStation 4 Pro Boost mode, which will enhance most PlayStation 4 games regardless of whether they’ve been patched to run better on the PS4 Pro.



  • Gareth Mewes

    Hope so, I’m desperately keen to get my games stored on my external, no more time wasting deleting and downloading all the time,
    Keep up the good work man. Love your articles and podcast

    • Luke James Robilliard

      will u have to reformat the external or just plug n go

      • Gareth Mewes

        I think it will need a certain format, but if it’s already in that format it’ll be plug n go

        • Hugo Stiglitz

          As long as it’s not a RAW drive, it shouldn’t need to be in any certain format. It’s gonna have to reformat eitherway so hell, maybe even if it’s RAW it’ll still work on PS4.

      • Bob Belcher

        Format of entire drive is required and then you can only use it for PS4 storage.

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      Exactly. Half my collection isn’t installed. This update is a big deal. Got a 5 TB gaming HDD waiting for it

  • Garry Sault

    Is this the patch that brings custom wallpaper similar to what the xbone has?

    • Hugo Stiglitz

      You can set screenshots to be the background

  • The one hit wonder

    Hope it’s not a optimized security bs like always