A European gaming retailer has overnight listed a Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Limited Edition.

Previously, the game was only going to be available as a standard edition, but considering this retailer has listed a Limited Edition for pre-order, it looks to be left.

It’s unclear if it will come to Australia at this stage.

The Limited Edition appears to include a steel book that looks like wood as well as an Ooga Booga crescent on the front.

Honestly, I’ve thought that it was odd since the game was first announced that we wouldn’t have some kind of special/limited/collector’s edition. Crash Bandicoot is a game that resonates with a lot of people, and people are willing to spend up on nostalgia.

  • BananaJama

    “Ooga Booga cresent”
    For someone who grew up playing Crash Bandicoot, how do you not know the mask is called Aku Aku?

    • Hunt

      I was thinking the same thing, but I think maybe he was referencing the argument most fans have had at one point or another about what Aku Aku “says” when Crash opens one of his crates.

      • skinny penis

        he speaks gibberish he just say random gibberish this article needs a bit of work and should of studied a bit before writing it

      • Ayy


  • motwera

    I have spoken on Facebook to the retailer alongside some other fan, this is not Activision-sanctioned, meaning that it probably isn’t coming Worldwide

    This has been made specifically for the store and only has about 100 pieces