Arkane’s Prey Definitely Has Nothing To Do With the Original Or Canned Sequel

Prey as a franchise has had an interesting history. The original 2006 game was developed by Human Head studios before Bethesda took over the IP and Human Head started work on Prey 2. This was scrapped with Bethesda employing Arkane Studios to work on a re-imagining.

Talking to Founder of Arkane Studios and Co-Director of Prey, Raphael Colantonio, he confirmed to us that literally nothing has carried over from the original game or the canned sequel.

Further to this, Colantonio said that it “Didn’t come to our mind” when referencing the original games’ Native American themes that were mixed with Sci-Fi, so you can count on that not taking any place in 2017’s Prey.


Something that was interesting to me was the fact that Arkane’s vision of a futuristic sci-fi world, which is shown in Prey, is very different to the standard ideation of the future.

“Similar to Dishonored, we wanted to do our version of Sci-Fi (As we did with Steampunk for Dishonored). This means that we tried to steer away from the cliches of the future which seems to be very bland. We wanted to do the complete opposite of this. ” said Colantonio.