Prey Is More Than Just A Game Full Of Jump Scares

When speaking to Arkane Studio’s Founder as well as Prey’s Co-Director, Raphael Colatonio he assured us that whilst the demo doesn’t have much variety in enemy design and plays heavily on the jump scare factor, the full game breaks away from this fairly quickly.

“Reading feedback about the demo, there’s some negative points and the major one I’m seeing at the moment is that this is just a jump scare game and it’s going to get old quickly. In-fact, the beginning of the game is based around mimics but they’ll actually disappear at a point in the game. They’ll come back eventually just when you’re forgetting about them, but we’ve done well to set the pace of the game.” said Colantonio.


Further to this, Colantonio believes that free single-player demos still work in our industry and believes that Prey was a natural fit for the demo due to it not having a drawn-out intro as well as an nice point to cut the game.

“With Prey, we had a very strong hook early on, so we thought that the first hour was a good summary of what the game is about. Obviously, not every game has a start that gets straight into it without a long story-telling segment.” said Colantonio

Further to this, he believes that the fact that the game had a demo has allowed gamers who previously didn’t know much about the game to learn more about it.

“I’m really glad we did it, because a lot of people were wondering what the game was and I think this answered the question” continued Colantonio.