An Aussie Legend Is Petitioning To Get A Junkrat Bunnings Skin

An Aussie legend has started a petition on, requesting that Jeff Kaplan design a skin for Overwatch’s Junkrat based on the Bunnings Warehouse uniform and including a “snag launcher”.  The petition is nearing 100 signatures but hopefully, we’ll see hundreds more before the plea reaches Blizzard Entertainment.

We’re proud of our sausage sizzles in Australia and we thought, Junkrat being a fine bloke that he is, would know our Aussie weekend tradition. We’re not talking about riding kangaroos to work, or avoiding those nasty dropbears by spreading Vegemite behind our ears. We’re talking having a Bunnings snag in the arvo on a weekend, mate.” Writes the author of the petition that will be sent directly to the lead designer of Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan.

The final paragraph explains exactly what petitioners want from the true blue skin, “All we’re asking for is a skin with Junkrat as a tradie wearing the Bunnings employee outfit complete with the red shirt, green apron, boots, and tools. Also, his weapon should be a Bunnings snag launcher made from timber, screws and powered by an angle grinder. What do you reckon? We’ll pay top dollar for this skin! Don’t be a bogan! Please make it happen!

Seems fair to me, Jeff! Let’s make this happen. Click here to sign the petition and for more Australian Overwatch excitement, check out these incredible murals popping up all over the country.