Bethesda Look Set To Put On Another Epic Sydney E3 Event

You’ve been asking us for weeks and it looks like the Bethesda gods have spoken. For a third consecutive year, Bethesda ANZ look to be holding a special E3 community event in Sydney.

They’ve not revealed many details yet, but they’re set to lift the lid on their E3 community event tomorrow at 12pm. It’s clear that you’ll also have the chance to walk away with some epic loots (as with previous years).

A post on their Facebook page reads:

Cant make it to E3? Live close to Sydney? Want to hang out with other awesome Bethesda community members and have a chance at some epic loot? Stay tuned for a big announcement at 12pm AEST tomorrow!

Bethesda’s E3 conference takes place next Monday at 2pm. We’ll be live at the press conference in LA, but it’s great to see that Bethesda is taking care of their local fanbase. Last year’s event took place at the Sydney Opera House and was enjoyed by many.

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