You’ll Have To Start Hellblade Again If You Die Too Many Times

Ninja Theory’s latest game comes out today. After the stellar Heavenly Sword, Enslaved and DMC, their latest narrative driven game Hellblade is finally on the market. However, there’s one feature that already has gamers divided.

The below could be considered spoilers.

Early on in the game, there’s a fight that it’s impossible to win. Basically Senua (the protagonist) ends up with her arms covered in a black material. The more you die, the higher up on your body this material reaches. If it hits your head, you basically have to start the game from the start.

Yep, that’s right. Your save will get deleted and there’s no way around it. The developers make it very clear as you progress that you’re getting close to dying (permanently) but I can still understand why people would be shocked about having to start the game from the start.

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