Destiny 2 Scented Candles Are On The Way (Seriously)

After the announcement earlier this week that Destiny 2 would be getting a line of Pop-Tars and Rockstar Energy Drinks, it’s now been revealed that Activision has partnered with Numskull to release a series of products. This is the same brand that created that epic Resident Evil 7 candle.

The first product is a line of Destiny 2 scented candles. There’s also a bathroom too just in case you were worried about having nothing to slip into after your bath (whilst relaxing with these candles).

Honestly, this is being taken a little too far now but I can’t help but feel like anything that has a Destiny association will probably sell, so I can understand why they’re doing it.

Earth – Spinmetal: A fresh aromatic blend of cut cedarwood and sandalwood infused with a sweet pine and warm resinous accords, mossy earthy tones in the base.

The Moon – Helium Filaments: Warm smoky accords fill the air and the comforting sound of crackling woods balanced with the rich amber and warm vanilla.

Mars – Relic Iron: Fresh and sappy green cactus layered with a warm floralcy of white flowers, tuberose, jasmine and rose.

Venus – Spirit Bloom: A refreshing white floral bouquet, jasmine, plumeria and orchid blossoms topped with citrus mandarin and bergamot. Shimmering white musk with a hint of coconut on the breeze.

The Dreadnaught – Wormspore: A comforting aroma with spicy and smoky notes. Woody mossy tones in the base topped with citrus.

  1. I’d think the carbon dioxide and sulphuric acid in Venus’ atmosphere would overpower the smell of Spirit Bloom, Mars should smell like dust and the Dreadnought should smell like corpses and old socks.

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