Rocket League Is Getting Transparent Goal Posts

Rocket League is the game that just keeps on giving. Developers Psyonix are always listening out from the community for ways to improve our beloved jet-car soccer game, and this time around they’ve tweaked a minor detail that adds better visibility to those who like to defend – Transparent Goalposts!

In a recent blog post, it has been announced that the game will be adding an option to see through the goals to aid in defending against opposition scores, so that you have a better chance of seeing the ball coming rather than just the standard outline.

Transparent Goalposts will add transparency to the goals, goalposts, and specific pieces of the Arena wall. More specifically, you will soon be able to see through parts of the Arena that were previously solid structures (depending on your position and camera view). When defending in-goal, for example, the posts and walls around you will become transparent for better vision.

This feature is also optional and can be turned on or off by the player, meaning if you’re used to a certain style of play, you can keep it how it is.

This is a welcome addition to a game already brimming with features and functionality for fans. As someone who plays the game regularly, I can honestly say this will in no way change the fact that I’m still terrible at defending!

You can read the blog post here, which hints at more content coming up for the Autumn (Spring in Australia) update.