Destiny 2’s Trials of the Nine Postponed For Two Weeks

Bungie has had a troubling couple of weeks, not only dealing with an existential crisis regarding Destiny 2’s endgame and quality of content, but they’ve also had to postpone and delay endgame content thanks to pesky glitches.

The Trials of the Nine is considered the game’s highest accolade for PVP, pitting the best against the best in pursuit of some of the game’s most hard to get armour and weapons. Unfortunately, it has been postponed for two weeks. Why? Well, it’s sort of funny and sad all at once.

The mysterious Emissary that looms over the Trials of the Nine social space.

A subsection of Destiny 2’s microtransactions is its emotes, which are more often throwaway gestures you can make for players to either shade them or pat them on the back for a job well done. One, in particular, has caused Bungie nothing but grief. There’s a silly walk emote that mirrors the infamous John Cleese goose-step from Monty Python and, though it has been removed from the store already, players who still have it are using it to break map barriers and glitch outside of the play space.

As a result, it has made multiplayer a bit of a sour place to be and Trials of the Nine has been postponed until November, the earliest estimate Bungie has for fixing the issue.

This is hot on the heels of Bungie also delaying the Prestige raid for fears of players using a known exploit to crush through what it intended to be the game’s very hardest piece of team-based content. They were unable to fix the exploit and released the Prestige raid this week anyway, only to have the “World’s First” team use another glitch entirely to see themselves finish four minutes clear of the second team, creating a bit of unrest in the community.

So, it’s hard to say things are going well for Bungie at the moment in their pursuit of a balanced and fulfilling endgame in Destiny 2.