God Of War’s Release Date Has Potentially Leaked

PlayStation America has listed God Of War on the PlayStation Store with a March 22nd release date. Usually, release date rumours are mostly just people plugging in the wrong release date or a placeholder date showing up, but this one looks to be legit, due to the fact that it’s listed on an official PlayStation Store. It’s also strengthened by the fact that the art book is listed on Amazon on March 15th, signifying that the game’s release date would be around this date.

This release date really wouldn’t be a huge surprise (we knew it was coming Q1) and March has been as massive month for key PlayStation titles in previous years with both Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted 4 (originally) both taking up these months.

It’s likely that we’ll get an official release date for God Of War at PSX later this week. I’d almost bank on it being in the last week of March.