Tennis World Tour Looks Like Top Spin 4 And That’s A Good Thing

After being announced a few months ago, we’ve finally got our first gameplay footage for Tennis World Tour at PSX.

The game is being developed by Breakpoint Studios, which is apparently a studio that has been filled with developers from previous tennis games (such as Top Spin).

Honestly, the game looks a lot like Top Spin 4 in the way that it plays. Shots are dependant on timing and positioning which is what made Top Spin 4 so great. The game definitely doesn’t look too fantastic with the player models looking a little but clunky, and moving a bit oddly, but the gameplay has me very excited.

The developers also confirmed that the game would have a full career mode as well as 30 real life pro tennis players.

Tennis world Tour is coming early next year and shouldn’t be confused with AO Tennis which is being developed by Melbourne’s Big Ant Studios.