AO Tennis Gameplay Isn’t Coming Just Yet

Big Ant has announced that AO Tennis gameplay is still a little bit away. This is apparently due to the fact that things need to be kept under wraps until the Australian Open has begun. In order to make it up to eager fans of the game, they’ve released a few new screenshots of Aussie players.

I can definitely understand the eagerness of tennis fans wanting to see the game in action. We’ve all been waiting 3-4 years for a tennis game on PS4/Xbox One. Having played the game, I definitely don’t believe that there’s any mis-intentions of them for not releasing gameplay, as it’s quite solid.

“We know that you’re all super keen to see gameplay footage, however there are some great things at this year’s Australian Open that need to be kept under wraps until the first match begins. Very soon all will be revealed and you will certainly have an opportunity to see the game in action before purchasing.” said Big Ant on a post on their socials channels.

AO Tennis releases on the 16th of January, so there’s still a few days next week to release gameplay before it’s out in stores.