Far Cry 5’s Season Pass Includes Some Bonkers Content

Ubisoft has announced that while Far Cry 5 is going to be set in modern-day Montana, USA, its post-release content is going to be anything but ordinary.

The first piece of content, Hours of Darkness, is set in Vietnam as you take on the crafty Viet Cong. The second is a cheesy piss-take of what zombies games have become, perhaps inspired in part by the “budget film” aesthetic Call of Duty has adopted for its own zombies mode. And the third will take you to Mars.

It’s hard not to get Blood Dragon vibes when hearing this news.

The full descriptions can be found below:

  • Hours of Darkness: Players will travel back in time to Vietnam to battle against Vi?t C?ng soldiers
  • Dead Living Zombies: Players will face hordes of zombies across multiple b-movie scenarios
  • Lost on Mars: Players will leave Earth behind to go toe-to-claws with Martian arachnids

As you can see, that’s not all. The season pass also includes a full download for arguably the best Far Cry to date, in Far Cry 3.

Alongside this crazy news, Ubisoft also dropped a new story trailer for Far Cry 5, which is now less than two months away.