Here’s The Aussie Pricing For That Epic God Of War PS4 Pro

Overnight, PlayStation announced an epic Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Pro for the God of War himself, Kratos.

So far, only EB Games is listing the console (although it doesn’t look to be EB Exclusive) and it’s going to set you back $659, for the Limited Edition console as well as a copy of the game. It is definitely expensive, but it’s a rarity for a PlayStation 4 Pro to get the special design treatment, so I expect it’ll be popular.

You can grab the console right HERE. Also releasing on April 20th is a custom God Of War DualShock 4 for $99.95.

Here’s exactly what you’re getting:

  • Limited edition 1TB PS4Pro console featuring the Leviathan Axe and In-Game Skill Tree as well as the iconic Norse Runes from the game’s logo.
  • Customised Leviathan Grey DUALSHOCK 4 wireless controller with unique grip designs.
  • God of War Day One Edition on Blu-ray Disc.
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