Far Cry 5 Has The Best Patch Note I’ve Ever Seen

Scrolling through the patch notes for Far Cry 5 on PS4 (there’s been two so far), there was a lot of the standard improvements and fixes that you’d expect to find in patch notes, but there was one line in particular that I couldn’t help but laugh at.

I’m not sure if this was genuinely changed (and if it was, whether it was a big enough chance to include in patch notes), but regardless, only a Far Cry game would have something like this.

Under companion, animal and enemy AI, was the specific note that the Turkey was too powerful.

Now, I’d played the game prior to this patch going live and straight after and never really noticed that the Turkey was overpowered. I’m dreaming of a world, where maybe the Turkey would glitch out and just go crazy on everyone, although that wouldn’t look to out of place in a Far Cry  game either.

Regardless, OP turkey or not, Far Cry 5 is absolutely awesome and you should definitely look at picking it up.