The Crash Bandicoot Files Is A Book About Crash’s Rise To Greatness

A brand new book called ‘The Crash Bandicoot Files: How Willy The Wombat Sparked Marsupial Mania’ is due for release worldwide tomorrow. The book tries to reproduce Naughty Dog’s original design documents for Crash Bandicoot from the best sources that are available.

You can grab it from Amazon for $19 USD + shipping or from local shop Booktopia for $45. 

A deluxe hardcover reproduction of Naughty Dog’s original Crash Bandicoot developer’s bible! Take a rare glimpse into the making of a videogame icon, and gain a first-hand taste of the undistilled creativity that brought Crash, Cortex, Aku Aku, and the rest of your favorite characters to millions of screens around the world!

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Reproducing Naughty Dog’s original design document for Crash Bandicoot from the best available sources, this unique volume features original concept illustrations and includes a foreword from Crash’s creators to lend insight into how Crash Bandicoot came to be the unforgettable videogame character he is today. This tome is sure to please all who possess a thirst for imagination and curiosity surrounding the creation of games!

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