Spyro The Dragon’s First Tweet Is Incredibly Mysterious

Over the past week, Activision has been sending out mysterious purple eggs with a quote from ‘Falcon McBob’. This lead to the official SpyroTheDragon Twitter account which was previously locked. The next piece of the puzzle was Crash Bandicoot following this account. Well, it’s gone one step further with the account getting unlocked before Tweeting for the first time.

The Tweet is a photo of Crash Bandicoot who appears to be playing something. There’s a massively purple hue over the image, pretty much indicating at this point that he is playing something Spyro related.

When you look even closer in the image, in one of Crash’s eyes, you can obviously see that there’s a character of some sort. One ResetEra member cleverly matched it to one of the original Spyro title screens, which you can see below.

At this point, it’s unclear when it’s going to be announced, but it seems fairly obvious that we’re going to get a Spyro announcement in the near future. It’s presumably going to be a Remastered Collection of the first three games, but who even knows at this point.