Spyro The Dragon Reignited Trilogy Screenshots Have Appeared And It Looks Bloody Beautiful

After the earlier leak about the Spyro Reignoted Trilogy on PlayStation 4 this coming September 21st, a bunch of  screenshots have now leaked on the official website for the game.

The screenshots are a mixture of in-game screens as well as official art from the game. They show a clean art-style, that’s obviously had a lot of work done since the original game. The collection will include all three original PlayStation games with stunning new graphics.

People have been quick to compare the screenshots to the original and it shows just how far the games have come.

It’s still unclear whether it will be exclusive to PlayStation 4 at launch, as an Xbox One cover has popped up on Amazon.

  1. Why does Sparx have hands and what’s up with his face. This bothers me for some reason.

    Everything else looks stellar though, I can’t wait to get the game.

    1. They were supposed to have hands, but due to space limitations on both PS1 (~700MB) & PS2 (~4.7GB) they (hands) were not added.

        1. if you would’ve read the German version’s source code (in binary), you’d find out differently.

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