The God Of War Director Reacting To Reviews Dropping Is A Special Moment

God Of War’s Director, Cory Barlog has become one of the most likeable personalities in games over the last few months. This five minute video showing him reacting to opening up God of War reviews for the first time reveals a lot about the emotional roller coaster that is game development.

When talking about games, it can be easy to forget that 1000s of people dedicate their lives to game development for a lengthy period of years. In this case, God Of War took five years to create, so you can imagine the emotional buildup that happens when the last five years of your time comes down to a number on a Metacritic page.

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The outpouring of emotion that happens when Cory sees the 93 Metacritic score (which quickly turns to 94) is pretty special. What makes it even better is the fact that he was in Australia whilst this all happened.

God of War is out today on PlayStation 4. We’ve got a PS4 Pro and a copy of the game to give away. You can enter that competition HERE.

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