God Of War Has One Last Secret That Nobody Has Found

Cory Barlog dropped an absolute bombshell at the God Of War SDCC panel over the weekend.

Joe Kennedy who is a Senior Designer at Sony Santa Monica tweeted out asking if anyone had found the final God of War easter egg, which Cory Barlog had given a clue to at the panel.

Redditors were quickly onto the case, and figured out that the easter egg was somewhere in the house (which was also confirmed by Kennedy). There’s quite a few guesses about what the easter egg actually is, but it doesn’t look like anyone has cracked it yet. The thread is well worth following along.

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My favourite thing about God of War was definitely uncovering the story piece by piece, and also how the game had an ending, but then another proper ending, that could completely be missed unless you went back to Kratos’ house. This game feels like one that people will be uncovering little tidbits from for years to come, especially when the sequel is released and reveals more about the fascinating story.




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