Bethesda Has Clarified How Selection For The Fallout 76 Beta Will Work

Last week, Bethesda confirmed that the Fallout 76 beta would happen in October, but they turned heads by announcing that they’d gradually select people who had pre-ordered, bit by bit to enter the beta. They continued this notion by saying they’d start small and grow it over time.

It now appears that this was simply just a bit of incorrect terminology and all players who pre-ordered will get access to the beta for the entirety of it.

Bethesda’s VP of Marketing, Pete Hines, seemed to have conflicting ideas to how it would work (at first), but later confirmed that players would get access to the entirety of the beta, and said that there might be a little bit of activity before hand.

The whole thing is a little bit confusing still, but surely Bethesda will work it out before launch.

Fallout 76 will launch on November 14th for PS4 and Xbox One. The beta is set to take place in October.


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