Fallout 76’s Card Perk Packs Can’t Be Bought With Real Money

As soon as I saw card packs in Fallout 76, my mind immediately went to microtransactions (just based on the fact that from a cosmetic point of view, they seemed to fit right into the loot box/microtransaction system).

However, SVP Of Global Marketing Pete Hines was quick to make sure that people knew that these perk card packs could only be obtained by levelling up, and couldn’t be purchased. Obviously, with Fallout 76 being an online game with PVP elements, this is important as it’d give the game a pay to win edge.

Taking to Twitter, Hines confirmed to an eager gamer that “you just get them (perk cards) when you level up”.

He also confirmed in an interview with VG247 that they can’t be purchased and that “you get them when you level up, every two levels – two four, six eight, ten – then after that every five. You only get them as a reward for levelling up”