Spider-Man Has A Really Long Install Time And People Just Want To Play

It’s the day that all PlayStation gamers have been waiting for.

Spider-Man is finally out on PS4 and people are eager to get home, chuck that disc into their console and get playing, but Insomniac had other ideas.

All over my socials this morning is gamers frustrated with the lengthy install time that seems to be taking place when playing the game from disc. As far as it stands, people seem to be facing and install time of somewhere between an hour to an hour and a half, and which is just pure installation.

Obviously depending on your internet, you might be waiting even longer (if you want to install the patches that bring in photo mode and a few other important features).

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I get that people want to get playing, and I don’t really recall installing from disc taking this long with previous releases, but this must be out of the ordinary going off what I’m seeing on social media.


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