The Fallout 76 BETA Dates Have Been Revealed 

Bethesda has today revealed that the much anticipated Fallout 76 beta will launch on Tuesday, October 23rd for Xbox One players and Tuesday, October 30th for PlayStation 4 and PC. Obviously, it’s interesting to see that the majority of this beta will take place during launch week for Red Dead Redemption 2.

The primary goal of the beta will be to stress test and break the game and as such, servers will not be running 24/7, but will instead be running during certain times. Bethesda has said that it’ll be up for somewhere between four and eight hours on each day.

Also, as it was confirmed some time ago, it will be the full game that we’ll be playing during the beta and progress will hopefully carry over to the official launch. The beta download size will be about 45gb and unfortunately, it looks like we’ll need to redownload once the official game comes out.

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