Here’s The Incentive For Becoming A Murderer In Fallout 76

With Fallout 76 just a month away from release, werecently had the chance to play a few hours of the game at a preview event in West Virginia. While we were there we had the chance to have a brief chat to some of the developers at Bethesda Game Studios and asked them about the PVP gameplay. We know that players can fight each-other if they want to engage, but if a player doesn’t want to fight, then the attacking player can become tagged as a murderer if they try to continue the fracas. So are there any incentives to becoming a murderer, and if not, then what is the appeal?

“Well, the inverse of that is what’s the appeal of someone on the other end of that, it’s them getting griefed,” Emil Pagliarulo, Design Director told Press Start.

“So for us we wanted to support a player being able to be in that state, to be that bad guy and be wanted. But we also wanted to make it fun and fair enough for everyone else. Not only did we talk about it a lot, but we tested different versions of that. It was finding a balance really.”

“Murdering for us is its own reward,” Chris Meyer, Production Director added.

“We want to try to get enough benefits to hunting down the murderer. Right now, the way that we see it in the game is that the murderer is fun content for everyone else. In too many of these games it’s the inverse, and I actually think it’s a good balance right now.”

Luke Lawrie travelled to West Virginia, U.S.A. as a guest of Bethesda. Flights, accommodation and meals were paid for by Bethesda.

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