A New Borderlands 3 Teaser Confirms An Announcement Is Coming Tomorrow

When Gearbox announced they would be holding a panel at PAX East, everyone crossed their fingers we would finally hear about the latest Borderlands game, a franchise that hasn’t seen a release since The Pre-Sequel in 2014. Thankfully, it looks like our hope wasn’t misplaced. Over on the official Borderlands Twitter, it has been confirmed that Borderlands will be at the panel tomorrow, with the tweet including a teaser trailer subtitled ‘Mask of Mayhem’.

The brief teaser pans around colourless, still character models which includes some familiar faces. It’s not clear is the game will be called Mask of Mayhem itself, as the video is titled, but there is no doubt that we are now less than a day away for the proper reveal of Borderlands 3.

The Gearbox live stream will kick off 5 am AEDT tomorrow, the 29th March and will be viewable at Borderlands.com or through PAX’s own streaming channels on Twitch.