Rocket League’s Radical Summer Will Unleash The 80s

Grab your leg warmers, paint everything in neon and queue up those synthwave cassettes – Rocket League is going fully ’80s with the release of its latest in-game event, Radical Summer.

Kicking off on June 10, this 9-week event gives players a chance to step back in time with a whole host of ’80s-themed content (both free and Premium Licensed DLC) to play and unlock. Broken down over three phases, the limited release will also see game modes such as Beach Ball Mode, Ghost Hunt and Spike Rush mode introduced, which all look awesome and chaotic at the same time.

With the game already having the DeLorean from Back to the Future, players can also grab cars like KITT from Knight Rider, the ECTO-1 from Ghostbusters, and a whole heap of themed content from some of the biggest franchises that are probably older than you are.

For a four-year old game, Rocket League keeps going from strength to strength in delivering content, and this latest update is no exception. You can watch the announcement trailer below, and check out all the details HERE.


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