Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Battle Royale Mode Will Apparently Have 200 Players

Last year’s Call of Duty introduced Blackout, which was the biggest addition that a Call of Duty game has received in years.

Well, it’s set to return in Modern Warfare in a big way. The mode will apparently have a map that is three times bigger than Blackout and will allow 200 players onto the map at any given time.

YouTuber The Gaming Revolution has also revealed a bunch of other rumoured features about the games.

  • Revive system is currently being tested and is undergoing a host of different tweaks.
  • Supply drops are being worked on, but are nowhere near ready for launch. While there are rumors of many laws being implemented for supply drops, this could be subject to change.
  • Cash system currently called “Plunder.” You are able to find cash on the ground as part of the loot. Once you have acquired this cash, you are allowed to take it to designated ATMs around the map to deposit the money into a bank. If you win the game you are able to keep it, but not if you lose. The cash will allow you to purchase outfits and supply drops within the game.
  • Roughly ten different types of vehicles currently in development for Modern Warfare Battle Royale.
  • Infinity Ward has taken all the different co-op missions in the game and mixed them all together in a bid to create a huge map and save time.
  • There are some elements from previous games within the Modern Warfare franchise.
  • The YouTuber was unable to comment on whether it will be free-to-play or not.
  • Four player squads is one of the only things up and running. Solos and Duos will most likely also be on the horizon, however.
  • You deploy out of an AC-130.
  • Infinity Ward tested the map with 152 players. It is supposedly three times bigger than Blackout’s map in size.
  • The map in development features an array of close quarter and open areas.
  • Unlike Blackout, the system in this upcoming Battle Royale will follow in the same footsteps as titles like Fortnite. Every weapon in the mode will have pre-set attachments, which cannot be changed or removed. The rarity of the weapon and attachments will depend on its tier level.
  • The closing ring is currently scheduled to be a ring of poisonous gas. This can be subject to change, however.
  • Infinity Ward has also been testing whether or not to include automatic health regeneration in this segment of the game.