Battle For Neighborville Is The New Plants Vs. Zombies Game And It’s Out Now

Hold onto your plantaloons, we’ve got the dirt on PopCap’s newest addition to the Plants vs. Zombies franchise, a sequel to the shoot ’em up Garden Warfare series called Battle for Neighborville.

Though it doesn’t officially launch until October 18, those interested in becoming a Founder for the game can experience a six-week rollout of content, including some exclusive goodies, starting today.

Of course, the existence of Battle for Neighborville is no secret. Just three weeks ago news of the game leaked alongside an unfinished trailer. The game was then first exhibited to press and EA’s Game Changers during this year’s Gamescom, where we also received our first look.

The features of Battle for Neighborville include:

  • 10 Hero Classes – For both Plants and those brain-dead Zombies, there’ll be 10 hero classes to choose from each with varying abilities and strengths.
  • Giddy Park – The game’s social hub holds up to 24 people and includes an actual, functional theme park that doubles as a PVP practice space.
  • Mount Steep, Weirding Woods – These are free-roam regions beyond Giddy Park where players can team up to take on PVE challenges together. The game even has couch co-op.
  • Founder’s Edition – Battle for Neighborville has a rather appealing early-access program for series fans that’s not only cheaper but lets them get roots on the ground before anyone else to help the game roll out before the October 18 full launch.
  • Battle Arena – A best of seven competitive mode where heroes can only be used once, this is sure to be the ultimate test of team composition.
  • Live Service – The game is going to double down on live services, offering a Battle Pass, seasonal festivals with themed vanities. This offers players a lot of freedom to forge a unique identity through emojis, gestures and animated hats. There’s one that looks like a squid in a bowl of noodles.

A lot of familiar modes return from Garden Warfare like Turf Takeover and Team Vanquish, plus there’s an Ops mode which is the Plants vs. Zombies take on wave-defense.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 18. The game’s digital-only Founder’s pack is out today.