Naughty Dog Has Quickly Provided An Update On The Last Of Us Part II Multiplayer

Earlier today it was revealed that The Last Of Us Part II would be a single player experience, not offering multiplayer, which has no doubt angered gamers as the Factions multiplayer was one of the most underrated multiplayer experiences we’ve seen.

Naughty Dog has quickly provided an update on Twitter which says that whilst The Last Of Us Part II will not feature a multiplayer experience, we will see the fruits of the multiplayer team’s labour at some point.

It sounds like this will be a standalone experience to The Last Of Us Part II which will come after launch. Uncharted 4’s multiplayer came as a standalone free-to-play game some time after release, so hopefully we’ll see some kind of The Last Of Us experience return at some point.

The statement reads:

We wanted to address multiplayer in The Last Of Us Part II. As we’ve stated, the single player campaign is far and away the most ambitious project Naughty Dog has ever undertaken. Likewise, as development began on the evolution of our Factions mode from the Last Of Us, the vision of the team grew beyond an additional mode that could be included with our single player campaign. Wanting to support both visions, we made the difficult choice that The Last Of Us Part II would not include an online mode.

However, you will eventually experience the fruits of our team’s online ambition, but not as part of The Last Of Us Part I. When and Where it will be realised is still to be determined. But rest assured, we are as big a fan of Factions as the rest of the community and are excited to share more when it’s ready.