AFL Evolution 2 Gameday

AFL Evolution 2’s New Gameday Mode Won’t Work As Intended Due To The Suspended Season

Wicked Witch has just lifted the lid off ‘Gameday’ mode for AFL Evolution 2.

This was a brand new central mode in AFL Evolution 2 in where the game would follow the season in real time and you could then play out each match after it took place in the actual 2020 AFL season or play against the team of the week in-game. By the sounds of things, the mode would have allowed you to go into each match of the season, with scores and lineups available to pick up the game throughout various points in the match.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the current AFL season and the fact that only one game has played out, this will no longer be the case and it’s unclear how Wicked Witch will now work this into the game. It’s unclear if round one will remain in the game when it launches in a couple of weeks.

The full statement from Wicked Witch is below: 

When you first load up AFL Evolution 2, you may notice a new mode on the home screen.

We were looking into ways of enhancing the 2020 season of AFL Evolution 2 by introducing the possibility of a subscription based service using Champion Data.
This would involve scores and line-ups for every match of every round and also the chance to play against every Team of the Week.

Due to the current climate however, these features will not be working as originally intended, so we are now looking into ways of creating our own 2020 season that everyone can follow using AFL Gameday.

We’re also open to suggestions, so let us know what you think!

AFL Evolution 2 is set to launch on April 16th for PS4 and Xbox One. A Nintendo Switch release is coming on May 14th and a PC release will come further down the track, but doesn’t currently have a release date. This mode actually sounds pretty cool, so it’s a shame that it can’t play out in the way that developers hoped.
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