PS5 Robot

Sony Is Working On A Robot That Games With You And Senses Your Feelings

Sony has patented a new robot technology that sounds like it goes well with it’s patented controller that can sense your heart-rate and sweat.

The patent describes the robot as a “joint viewing player” with the robot watching your gameplay and reacting to your emotions. The robot will then be pleased or sad based on your emotions and how you react.

It’s also noted in the patent that this robot could play games with you. The example used is the companion robot controller “the opponent team of a baseball game being played against the user”.

The robot described in the patent also has a “love index” which is changed by how you speak to the robot in moments of tension. I’d assume that this means that if you’re playing Call Of Duty, or a similar competitive game, and scream, then the robot will react more negatively than if you praise it in moments of joy.

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“The inventor focused on the possibility of utilizing a robot as a joint viewing player who experiences sympathy with a user. For example, it is expected that the user’s affinity with the robot is increased and motivation for playing a game is enhanced by the robot viewing the gameplay next to the user and being pleased or sad together with the user.” describes the patent.

Obviously, this is only a concept and might not ever make it to market, but there’s definitely an increased appetite for AI experiences, and I’m not going to lie, I’d definitely go for a robot to play FIFA or Call Of Duty against. It’d be pretty cool to have something reacting to you as you play against it, especially at a time like now, when everybody is isolated and can’t catch up with friends to game against.

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