Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn 2 Will Apparently Feature A Larger World And Co-Op

VideoGameChronicles is reporting that Horizon Zero Dawn is set to be a trilogy.

According to the report, Horizon Zero Dawn 2 started development soon after the first game’s release, with the game initiallybeing planned for a PlayStation 4 release, before shifting over to PlayStation 5. The game will be “gigantic” in scope with a larger game world and more freedom to explore than its predecessor. The report also says that the game will feature co-op functionality, although it isn’t clear if this will be in the main story or a separate mode.

It’s also interestingly noted that Guerrilla was planning to release a standalone co-op game preview (before the release of Horizon Zero Dawn) which would then see progress carry over to the main game. It’s unclear if this is still in the works.

It’s been long thought that Horizon Zero Dawn could launch alongside the PlayStation 5, but this report does not go into specifics about the release date.

The original Horizon Zero Dawn released in 2017 and was awarded our Game of the Year.