The Last Of Us Part II Spoilers

A Massive The Last Of Us Part II Gameplay Leak Has Revealed Major Story Spoilers

A substantial amount of The Last Of Us Part II gameplay footage has leaked onto the internet overnight.

The footage in question showed off the game’s main menu, new gameplay locations as well as a bunch of cutscenes which contain spoilers for significant story portions of the game. There was also what is believed to be some early multiplayer footage in the videos (we know that this is coming at a later date).

This comes weeks after some smaller The Last Of Us Part II gameplay clips leaked onto the internet, revealing new gameplay footage but not a whole lot of spoiler-filled content. It’s expected that play testers (who would now be play testing at home) have leaked both sets of footage onto the internet.

The entire channel has now been removed off YouTube, but it’s worth steering clear of anything The Last Of Us Part II related on video platforms, as the video thumbnail in itself contains some pretty major spoilers.

We know that the majority of The Last Of Us Part II was finished at the time of the delay, with play testing and bug fixing still to play out, so it’s entirely possible that more will leak by the time of release (which we still don’t have clarity around).


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