PS5 Patent

A New PS5 Console Patent Has Revealed Six Fans And A Vapor Chamber Design

It’s looking more and more likely that the PS5 console could indeed resemble the v-shaped dev kit that has become so prominent over the last six months.

A new patent has revealed further details about this specific design including the fact that it has six fans (three behind each of those v-shaped vents), a vapor chamber design (using the entire body to cool the CPU), a massive heatsink on the left side and the power supply on the right side providing a ton of ventilation.

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PS5 Patent

You can find the whole patent HERE. I’m still sceptical that this will be the final design, but I definitely think that we’ll see elements of this design in the final iteration. It’s been well-documented just how hard it will be to actively cool a console like this, so we very well could see something out of the box (as with the Xbox Series X design).

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