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Yes, The PlayStation 5 Can Lay On Its Side

My first question after seeing the PlayStation 5 design was if it could lay on its side. I wasn’t alone, with a bunch of comments on both of our Twitter/Facebook pages asking us if the console could lay on its side.

Sony has thankfully confirmed in imagery that the console can in-fact lay on its side. Whether that looks better or worse, is up to you, but obviously it will fit into a lot more entertainment units this way.


Oddly enough though, in this image, it does look like it’s still sitting on a stand even when on its side. What is unclear at this point is if the stand is being included with the console. Traditionally, Sony hasn’t included stands, but if the console needs it in both orientations, then surely it would have to be included. It also wasn’t shown off the Sony additional “accessory” show-reel which is a little odd if it is an additional accessory.

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We don’t have any confirmations on sizing yet, but it does appear that the disc-less version is quite a bit thinner than the regular PS5.

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