The PS5 UI Will Be 100% Overhauled And The Console Will Be Customisable In New Ways

Matt MacLaurin, who is VP of UX Design at PlayStation has taken to LinkedIN to share some details about the PS5 UI as well as some facts about just how customisable the PS5 is.

Talking about the UI itself, he said that the PS5 UI will be a “100% overhaul of the PS4 UI and show off some very new concepts” He went on to say that the PS5 has “a whole new visual language”.

Speaking of loads times of the user interface, it sounds like it’s going to be fast “While we are obsessed with function, very few pixels left from PS4 gen. Most important is experience goals measured in milliseconds across the entire UI.”

Interestingly enough, speaking about PS5 special editions, MacLaurin confirmed that there would be special edition consoles, but also said that the console would be “customisable in ways previous generations weren’t”

We got what appeared to be our first look at the PS5 UI on the PS5 games stream last week and it definitely appeared to be completely different to the PS4 boot screen.