The Last Of Us Part II Multiplayer

The Last Of Us Part II Factions Multiplayer Gameplay Footage Looks To Have Leaked

A very brief gameplay snippet for The Last Of Us Part II’s Factions multiplayer component looks to have leaked. It’s unclear at this point if this leak was apart of those that took place in April or if it’s a fresh leak.

As spotted by GamesRadar, the footage, lasting 11 seconds shows off multiple avatars from the campaign (it looks as if Mel is in the below footage). Two other players appear to be going at it with knives and a bow and arrow looks to be soon too.

No timeline has been given to the multiplayer component of The Last Of Us Part II. We know that the team had big ideas which is why it was spun into its own standalone game.

A PlayStation State of Play stream is set to take place tomorrow morning at 6am AEST. It’s unlikely we’ll see an announcement here, but you never know.