This Bugsnax Personality Quiz Will Let You Know Exactly Which Grumpus You Are

Put down your morning coffee, there’s a personality quiz on Buzzfeed this morning that will tell you exactly which Bugsnax Grumpus you are.

Like any other quiz on the platform, you filter through a number of odd and sometimes personal questions and it boils it all down to let you know who you’re most likely to relate to. People do them for characters in their favourite TV series, breeds of dog and guessing the name of their next lover based on their Maccas order. But finally, there’s one that’ll determine our place in the Bugsnax universe.

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The quiz was created by Genevieve, and it’s worth mentioning she works at Popagenda, the publisher behind Bugsnax. Click the image below to take the quiz yourself.

The quiz is taking the online community by storm, but there’s certainly something special about Shuhei Yoshida declaring himself “Filbo Fiddlepie” for the world to see.

Bugsnax launches for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC on November 12, 2020.