NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21 Takes Up 150GB Of Space On PS5

The retail box for NBA 2K21 has been spotted and it reveals how much storage space is needed on the PS5.

If you’re installing the game from a disc, you’re looking at 150GB of space minimum. This is a fair whack out of the PS5’s 667GB SSD. For reference, NBA 2K21 took up about 55GB on PS4, so this is nearly three times the amount.

Just to compare with some other games, Black Ops Cold War will take up 133GB, Miles Morales will take up 50GB and Demon’s Souls Remake will take up 66GB of space.

The PS5 will not support external HDs for PS5 games at launch, but Sony says that it is looking into it for a future patch. 

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