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PlayStation’s Answer To Xbox Game Pass Could Be On The Way

One of the biggest selling points for Microsoft entering this new console generation is Xbox Game Pass, their subscription service which brings together all of Xbox’s first-party releases as well as a huge range of third-party partnerships. Most recently, EA Play was added to the roster.

To date, Sony hasn’t really had an answer for Game Pass. The PS Plus Collection offering is a great first step but it doesn’t do enough to rival it.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has spoken recently on the matter and has suggested their return serve could be on the way.

Speaking with Russian outlet TASS about the difficulties of launching a console during a pandemic, Ryan was pressed on Microsoft’s prospects as the competition and where the differentiation lies between the two console juggernauts.

“For me, it’s great that there’s competition,” said Ryan. “I think it makes us work harder. It avoids us getting complacent. It’s great that the consumer has a choice. I think that’s wonderful.”

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When asked about Xbox Game Pass and whether PlayStation would ever be able to answer what Microsoft is doing, Ryan left us hanging with an interesting shred of hope.

“There is actually news to come, but just not today,” Ryan said.

It’s already been said in the past that PlayStation wouldn’t ever put all of their first-party games on a service like Game Pass, deeming the practice to be unsustainable. Quite frankly, given how well their first-party line-up manages to sell, it’s fair to say PlayStation don’t need to make them available through a subscription service.

Whatever their plans, we hope it isn’t too long before all is revealed.