The New Final Fantasy XIV Online Endwalker Expansion Has Been Revealed

Square Enix this morning has revealed the next chapter in the Final Fantasy XIV Online series.

It’s an expansion called Endwalker and it is being touted as the finale and conclusion of the “current FFXIV arc”.

A new villain is teased in the teaser trailer, though Zenos looks to be making a return as well.

As with other expansions, there is a level requirement. Those wanting to play Endwalker should get to Level 70 before the release – though Endwalker itself will raise the level cap to 90.

So what’s new?

At least two new jobs. Today, the Sage class was revealed. Starting at Level 70 with no required class, they use floating aether-fused knives to attack. The new melee DPS job is scheduled to be revealed in May at the Final Fantasy XIV fan fest event.

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There’s also a new tribe – Elephant looking people called the Arkasodara Matanga.

Anima, the pain ridden aeon from Final Fantasy X also looks to be a boss that you’ll encounter in the expansion.

And a high difficulty series of raides, called “Pandaemonium” will also feature.

Final Fantasy XIV Online is currently available for PC and Playstation 4.

Endwalker doesn’t have a proper release date just yet but you can probably expect it in the third or fourth quarter of this year.