Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 Is Apparently Still Releasing This Year

Techland provided an update for Dying Light 2 earlier today. This marked the first time in more than 12 months that we have heard about the game (outside of controversies surrounding the studio).

It was a bit of an odd update, with most of the video being taken up by the team reading out mean tweets. They quickly showed 20 seconds or so of gameplay, said that they were still targeting a 2021 release and said that more gameplay would be coming at a later date.

It’s unclear when we’ll see the game again, but if it does end up releasing this year, my bet would be on seeing it at either the Xbox or PlayStation conference that takes place during the E3 period.

It’s definitely nice to hear about the game, but I’d definitely expect to be seeing more in the very near future if it’s to release this year.

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