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The First Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay Footage Has Arrived And It’s Absolutely Stunning

Guerrilla Games has revealed the first Horizon Forbidden West gameplay footage and it’s safe to say that it looks absolutely stunning. We got no release date (and there was no confirmation that it’s still coming this year).

Taking place on a tropical, beachy location, the gameplay shows off Aloy in a much more lush environment (similar to that of the PC version of the previous game). We get to see her fighting a new enemy that mimics some kind of Raptor.

We quickly see Aloy go underwater, which wasn’t possible in the first game, before that elephant type beast from the reveal trailer appears. Aloy also appears to have got some grappling hook, and she can now glide Breath of the Wild style.

Human combat looks like it’s seen an improvement as well, with the AI enemy looking much less robotic.